Five Favourites: Pozible


Delve into the latest successful creative campaigns on Pozible, where Australian artists, musicians and film producers are promoting some seriously fantastic up-and-coming projects. Check out our top five recently funded projects.

1.       Sedih // Sunno

Kei Murakami, an arts therapist and live performer collaborating with Rani P Productions, has a knack for creating aesthetically pleasing art. Combine this talent with her passion for performance installation and a strong concern for sufferers of child sexual abuse and Sedih // Sunno is born. The visually striking, hour-long journey through an installation of traditional Javanese Batik enables audiences to engage in a safe space to break the shame surrounding the confronting, traumatic topic of sexual abuse. Take a look at Kei’s incredible artwork at

2.       From Sent Ash to Dancing Ground

Do you love watching short films? (YES!) Do you love seeing emerging artists succeed? (YES!) Could you relate to a film about a young woman who resides in a secluded forest and adopts an animalistic lifestyle? (YE- wait, what?) From Sent Ash to Dancing Ground rocks this cool concept by exploring the theme of isolation while discussing the damage society inflicts on authentic connections between humans. Want to see From Sent Ash to Dancing Ground on the big screen? Follow the project’s progress at

3.       The Last Gig in Melbourne

Geraldine Quinn has done it all: singing, acting, comedy, rock cabaret… the list goes on. Now all she wants to do is press her rock/pop album, The Last Gig in Melbourne, which, according to Quinn, boasts songs even “more catchy than measles.” The wildly unique album focuses on the evolving Melbourne music scene, which is gradually losing audiences as venues close and excessive security becomes a necessity. The Last Gig in Melbourne revives the traditional Australian pub-culture tunes, which you can have a listen to through

4.       The Stairwell Project

When I think of hospitals I can’t help but hear the incessant beeping and coughing that goes hand in hand with the sterile scent permeating stark white corridors. The Stairwell Project aims to transform this gloomy scene by sending talented creatives to share their passions with patients at the Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital. As evidence suggests that uplifting music and art are vital elements of any healing process, the campaign will assist patients up the figurative stairway to health by flooding their literal stairwells with live music and visual art. Check it out  at

5.       Ground Control

Dappling in the themes of feminism, long-distance relationships, violence and cyborgs (because why not?), Ground Control is a live performance about a woman on an interstellar mission to uncover Earth 2.0. The sci-fi highlights the urgent need to prevent feministic issues from being regarded as taboo topics, particularly in relation to silenced voices and unreported violence. The show was written by Rachel and directed by Bridget, who both bask in the glory of the Melbourne Festival Discovery Award after collaborating on a performance called Angry Sexx which played a sold-out season in 2014. Discover more at