Hot Sex + Powerful Intimacy Giveaway


You may remember when we spoke with the beautiful Juliet a few months back, and we are super pleased to be chatting with her once again. This time, we catch up to discuss the exciting launch of her new Hot Sex + Powerful Intimacy e-course, a four week sexual journey towards mind-blowing, transformative sex.

Juliet understands that legitimate advice and information about sex is not always easy to find, and as a young woman, this was one of the catalysts for undertaking her career as a sexologist. So it’s pretty inspiring that she is now in the position to encourage and empower women with this brilliant e-course.

Juliet explains, “women need this course because there is nothing out there like it! As women we don’t seem to be offered great educational and fun opportunities to learn more about sex… this course does that”.

Ranging from topics on self-pleasure and powerful orgasm, to exploring fantasy and following deep desires, Juliet has created an incredible forum for women to find their own path to sexual liberation.

“Convenience is where it’s at, so I have created a course that women can do in the comfort and privacy of their own home..."

Juliet explains, “Hot Sex + Powerful Intimacy will inspire you to embrace yourself as a sexually empowered woman”. And  if you already are the embodiment of female empowerment, Juliet says, “sex is always changing, if it’s good now that’s fabulous.

“But there is always more to learn and experience and explore , and I encourage all women to do that throughout life. This course is very diverse and women can get as much or as little as they want from it.”

If you don’t already feel empowered, she guarantees after this course you will. Full of amazing resources, an online community of like-minded women, bonuses, and brilliant content, it’s hard not to be excited at the thought of partaking in this movement.

Juliet explains that one of the benefits to the course being online is the flexibility it offers, “you can complete the course at your own pace; it’s perfect for women who want more and seek more sexually.

“Convenience is where it’s at, so I have created a course that women can do in the comfort and privacy of their own home. We also have an amazing community of women in the online Facebook group who are all like-minded, which means there is still a community of people sharing the same course, just online!”

While Hot Sex + Powerful Intimacy is directed towards women, male partners can also benefit from the e-course greatly. Although Juliet stresses that  it’s not just woman’s ‘job’ to find satisfaction.

“It’s a completely personal choice, and for some, it’s not of interest. And thanks ok. For other women it’s a big and powerful part of their everyday life, and it’s these women who will get the most out of the course.

“Or, if sex is something you don’t enjoy, or don’t have much of, then taking part in Hot Sex + Powerful Intimacy will ignite that desire in you!”

The whole point after all was the aim to “create a community of women who can support and empower each other”.

So on that note, we are incredibly excited to announce that we will be giving away one of these amazing e-courses on its launch date, November 3rd.

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