Profile Two: Running Man


Source ,  License .  Image cropped

Source, License. Image cropped

Emma James writes creative character profiles that reflect her observations of society and human interaction. 

Have you ever sat alone on a park bench?  Isolated, segregated, detached.  

As a passionate bird-watcher I can commiserate.  Nothing wrong with a little R&R whilst pondering how to differentiate between the male and female pigeons.  Petey the popcorn pigeon doesn’t know I’m stalking though.  He is curious however, as suggested when he lingers near my ankles.  No I haven’t got bread crumbs in my front pocket and I’m not here just to watch pigeons either.  I’m here to observe a corporate professional who I like to watch sprint for his tram; I nicknamed him ‘Running Man’

And without missing a beat there he is! Freshly showered and freaking out, sprinting painfully down the hill. His tie is swinging, sweat appearing on his brow and under his pits, all the while his briefcase is swinging from left to right like a heaping pendulum. As your diligent observer ‘running man’ I advise you to leave your house ten minutes prior and save yourself plenty of panic and pent up adrenalin to boot. There are other individuals who no doubt leave their place early, grab a latte, read the headlines and actually enjoy the stroll!

Bolting over the zebra crossing he jumps onto the carriage.  Yay for R.M, yay for us!

I used to be running man unbelievable as it may be, I’m the constant procrastinator.  Never fashionably late to the shindig; just late and always running for a tram that’s about to outrace me.   Now I am the woman who strolls, gracefully with time on her hands.  However, in defence of running man I did have an intravenous drip installed on my bedside table, it pumps espresso directly into my veins at the crack of dawn and that shaves about ten minutes off.