Scarlet Styles

Iʼm Scarlet, a 19-year-old Communication/Arts student from Brisbane who is still flailing
around in the waters of life (but who wishes that water was gin). Despite a sterling
reputation as a stone cold she-devil, I still get emotional during those tragic talent show
backstory segments. I honestly couldnʼt tell you why. When Iʼm not craving Japanese food,
screaming expletives at the TV or wishing my cat would love me more, I write for mous.

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Idam Adam

I’m a multi-disciplinary interactive and visual designer based in Brisbane, Australia. I am currently completing a Bachelor of Business and a Bachelor of Creative Industries (Visual and Interactive Design) at QUT.

My visual work spans from photography, print design, web design as well as motion design. With my work, I like to see what's at the forefront of these fields and am constantly experimenting and researching new techniques and forms. As an aside, my photography work stems from a need to tell stories that have depth and substance.

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Lucy Jorgensen

My name is Lucy Jorgensen and I am twenty-one years old. Since the age of Myspace, I have been taking photos of my female friends doing what we do in Brisbane.

I've never been much into the technicalities of photography, but more an artistic and cinematic feel (mostly just wing it). You can find my photos on a little Tumblr I've used to document my work. Keepin' it real, son. 

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Felix Garner-Davis

I’m Felix and I was the tallest kid in my prep class. Now that my glory days are behind me, I like to spend my time writing and digging around for old records to sample. You can check out some of my stuff at At the moment I’m at uni studying Arts, which will hopefully lead me somewhere mildly interesting one day. In the meantime, I plan to continue injecting my days with fulfilling pursuits, like ruminating on what it would feel like to bathe in jelly or how much sand it would take to fill a medium-sized wooden box. A friend of mine and I wish to create a frozen water phenomenon and overtake the FroYo industry, but we’re told that it’s already been done. Stoked to be a part of the team at mous.!

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Anthony Nocera

Anthony is a freelance writer from Adelaide, with an interest in writing about queerness, film and pop culture, often using his personal experiences as the basis for his writing (because he is disgusting and a joke). He’s currently studying a double degree of a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Arts (English and Creative Writing) at The University of Adelaide and is the co-host of The Range, which airs on Tuesdays from 4-5:30pm on Radio Adelaide. His favourite past-times include regretting things that he’s eaten that day and making straight people uncomfortable.

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Elise Lawrence

When she was twelve, Elise wrote a novella titled “Harry Potter and the Day of the Dog.” Thankfully, a university degree in creative writing and business has taught her to borrow more subtly from the people she admires. Elise blogs about the best of her home city at Backstreet Brisbane and can be found on most days buried among crochet, caffeine and half-filled notebooks.

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Ebony Graveur

Ebony is a simple child. Like any intellectual wasteland, Ebony keeps her facts and her falsehoods on the same shelf in her brain. She lives in an apartment with an animator and a cat. As the mastermind behind the atrociously inappropriate and unreliable That’s a Moray Press, Ebony has truly gone above and beyond to prove that she belongs in a wastepaper basket along with anything she has written on. Sometimes the   cat gets up on the fridge and stares, with shining eyes, down at Ebony in silent but unmistakable disappointment.

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Heidi Kraak

Still a student with no idea what the heck she is doing in life (literally no idea; cooking is a struggle), Heidi finds other people endlessly fascinating. This is why she loves finding out interesting stuff that people are doing and chucking it in word form. Hence the journalism degree. In other news, Heidi is a lover of puns, (though not witty enough to think of one right now), a seasoned kitchen-dancer and (arguably) a professional singer, making her debut in the shower at age seven.

Admittedly, this particular career path has not really progressed, but that's ok because there are seven billion other people in the world, most of whom are probably a lot more interesting then Heidi. It is these people that she plans on sadistically hunting down and picking their brains for a story worthy of being told to the world.

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Emily Chapman

My life is a daisy-chain of mood swings. I'm achingly sarcastic, a bit too risqué and I dress like a nine-year-old in art class. I am often left dishevelled by life's obstacles and I am incessantly victimized by my own laziness. I'm also tea cup collector who cannot breathe without a strong cup of Assam Bold in the morning and drinks enough tea per day to bathe a small village.

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Natasha Norford

Style maven, art student, organic enthusiast; all around loon. I'm interested in graphic design, film-making, art history and illustration. I spend an inordinate amount of time mentally designing my future apartment, wanting to be as talented as my photographer friends, drinking smoothies and speaking bad French. My writing reflects what I truly care about: creative expression, imaginative engineering, social equality. 
Instagram: @natashanorford

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Marianna J Ross

Marianna has a background predominantly in psychology and enjoys travelling, black coffee and organizing her scarf collection. She will continue shamelessly enjoying early starts on the weekend to go out for breakfast or to write in her pyjamas amidst an extensive tea selection and the 90s version of 90210.’

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Bonnie Stevens: Founding Editor & Business Manager

Bonnie is the founder of mous magazine, a multi-platform journalist and cheesecake enthusiast. After completing her BA in Journalism, Bonnie is now completing her Masters of Creative Industries. 

As a passionate advocate for the Arts, Bonnie set out to make mous a publication that values and collaborates with all the journalists, writers, photographers and artists that make mous possible as well as providing readers with a break from the mundane. 

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Hannah Collins: Sub-Editor

As the Sub-Editor for mous. Hannah loves all things words and grammar and will happily pick you up on it!  She also works full time as a Marketing Communications Manager for a South Australian not for profit, Phoenix Society.  She has a Masters in Journalism and an undergraduate Arts degree majoring in English because ... Well because she didn’t know what she wanted to do with her life, but knew she liked to read and write so chose subjects that let her do this.  She likes Autumn, Summer and Winter but not Spring and her favourite food is cheese.  Any type of cheese but probably not ricotta. And peanut butter and avocado.  But mostly cheese.

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Imogen Baker: Online Managing Editor

Imogen is a carbon-based life form with bipedal movement who half understands exactly what irony is. These reasons, and many others, disqualified her from competing in the ultimate fighting robot league.

She now writes for mous. magazine and is interested in chatting with anyone about these topics: internet culture, gardening, feminism, hats and digital art. She recently graduated with a BA of Journalism with minors in architecture and graphic design. In her spare time she enjoys hugging dogs and secretly working towards her goal of defying the odds and becoming the ultimate fighting robot.
Instagram – @imo.png

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