Bonnie Stevens: Founding Editor & Business Manager

Bonnie is the founder of mous magazine, a multi-platform journalist and cheesecake enthusiast. After completing her BA in Journalism, Bonnie is now completing her Masters of Creative Industries. 

As a passionate advocate for the Arts, Bonnie set out to make mous a publication that values and collaborates with all the journalists, writers, photographers and artists that make mous possible as well as providing readers with a break from the mundane. 

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Hannah Collins: Sub-Editor

As the Sub-Editor for mous. Hannah loves all things words and grammar and will happily pick you up on it!  She also works full time as a Marketing Communications Manager for a South Australian not for profit, Phoenix Society.  She has a Masters in Journalism and an undergraduate Arts degree majoring in English because ... Well because she didn’t know what she wanted to do with her life, but knew she liked to read and write so chose subjects that let her do this.  She likes Autumn, Summer and Winter but not Spring and her favourite food is cheese.  Any type of cheese but probably not ricotta. And peanut butter and avocado.  But mostly cheese.

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Imogen Baker: Online Managing Editor

Imogen is a carbon-based life form with bipedal movement who half understands exactly what irony is. These reasons, and many others, disqualified her from competing in the ultimate fighting robot league.

She now writes for mous. magazine and is interested in chatting with anyone about these topics: internet culture, gardening, feminism, hats and digital art. She recently graduated with a BA of Journalism with minors in architecture and graphic design. In her spare time she enjoys hugging dogs and secretly working towards her goal of defying the odds and becoming the ultimate fighting robot.
Instagram – @imo.png

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