Idam Adam

I’m a multi-disciplinary interactive and visual designer based in Brisbane, Australia. I am currently completing a Bachelor of Business and a Bachelor of Creative Industries (Visual and Interactive Design) at QUT.

My visual work spans from photography, print design, web design as well as motion design. With my work, I like to see what's at the forefront of these fields and am constantly experimenting and researching new techniques and forms. As an aside, my photography work stems from a need to tell stories that have depth and substance.

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Lucy Jorgensen

My name is Lucy Jorgensen and I am twenty-one years old. Since the age of Myspace, I have been taking photos of my female friends doing what we do in Brisbane.

I've never been much into the technicalities of photography, but more an artistic and cinematic feel (mostly just wing it). You can find my photos on a little Tumblr I've used to document my work. Keepin' it real, son. 

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