Real Work: Intricacies of the sex industry

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This month’s INFORM panel will explore the many jobs within the sex industry beyond their stigma and for what they truly are; work. At this panel you should expect to hear conversations about balancing workloads, the juxtaposition between sex workers and non-sex workers within the industry, social media presence, societal connotations and practitioners with multiple roles.  

To shed light on this complex topic are leading Australian adult performer Lucie Bee, award-winning game developer Kim Allom and multi-talented designer, artist and dancer Harley Barnes-Roos.

Following the panel there will also be an AMA with all the panellists so please submit your questions when you buy you ticket! 

The Panel

Lucie Bee
Lucie Bee is a Sydney based adult performer, escort, activist and writer. As one of Australia’s rising stars in the industry she’s been featured on the cover of Penthouse Black Label and in Picture and People Magazines as one of Top 100 Hottest Celebrities and Top Australian Pornstars. She’s also appeared on ABC'S You Can't Ask That, The Project has been a regular guest on radio shows such as Triple J's Hack and The Hook Up. As a writer, her work has been published on as well as in SWOP'S peer publication The Professional.

Kim Allom
Kim Allom works as a video game producer for Brisbane based studio, Defiant Development. She is the recipient of the Queensland Young Achiever of the Year 2017 award for Online Achievement and is regularly featured for her game production work, including MCV Pacific’s most influential women in games. When not at Defiant she helps run Blushbox Collective - an initiative that promotes, hosts events and creates prototypes of games that meaningfully explore love, sex and romance. Kim is a passionate advocate for sexual positivity and is dedicated to changing the conversation around sex for the better.

Harley Barnes-Roos
Harley Barnes-Roos is a Townsville-born, Brisbane based embroidery artist, collage artist, graphic designer and stripper. She made the solo move here at 17 to pursue a career in design and to broaden her horizons. Out of a slow growing curiosity, and after reading Jenna Jameson’s ‘Make Love Like A Porn Star’, Harley decided to see what the adult industry was like. Before coming "out" as a dancer she secretly balanced a part-time design job along with dancing three to four nights a week for around seven months, and running Brisbane Collage Club andHarley & Händen , which brought its challenges. Since beginning in June 2016, Harley has danced at Love & Rockets and Honey B’s clubs in Brisbane, as well as Pumps in Brooklyn, NY.

Date: 9th of August 

Time: 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm 

Where: Metro Arts, Lumen Room, 109 Edward Street, Brisbane

Proudly supported by Metro Arts



Real Work: Intricacies of the Sex Industry
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