Slow It Down: Sustainability in Fashion

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With fast consumerism being under the scrutiny of the media, the environmentally conscious and artisanal appreciators, slow fashion is returning. The act of slow intrinsically guides their practice—let’s find out how. Mous Magazine brings you this month’s INFORM panel with design and business practitioners sharing their experiences with slowing it down in the fashion industry.

Our panelists for the evening are Edda Hamar of Undress, Jodie Hilton of The New Garde and a fashion designer TBA.

 When: Wednesday, September 6th

Time: Registration opens at 7:00pm, for a 7:15pm start

Where: Metro Arts, Lumen Room, 109 Edward Street, Brisbane

Proudly supported by Metro Arts and Design to Business.


The Panel

Edda Hamar

Edda Hamar is the founder of Undress Runways, The Naked Mag, VIHN label and ‘Is This Real?’ series. Edda advocates for positive progress and ethical standards in the fashion industry. In September 2016, she was named a UN Young Leader for the Sustainable Development Goal. Edda works with her Undress team to make sustainable and ethical fashion default. In the future, she hopes to improve transparency in the industry and help people have a healthier, more sustainable relationship with fashion. Edda is currently developing an online platform called UNDRESS where you can rent out your own clothes. It is a peer-to-peer marketing to list, discover and borrow quality clothing. The share economy for fashion.

Jodie Hilton

Jodie Hilton was inspired to launch The New Garde to fill Brisbane’s need for a fashion co-working studio. Too often, designers feel the need to move to Sydney or Melbourne to further their careers and end up struggling for years in a larger and more competitive market. Well no longer! The New Garde is a one-stop fashion house that supports the designer every step of the way, injecting the Brisbane fashion scene with new life at the same time. With a career in design and visual merchandising, alongside a degree in branded fashion and badassery, Jodie is our fashion business leader. With extensive work experience at Marcs, Sacha Drake, Fashion Weekly Magazine, Kitx and Vogue Australia, Jodie understands what’s required to make it big.


Slow it down: Sustainability in Fashion
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