In Hot Water

The air outside was cold – goose bumps rippled on my skin as I stepped through, not entirely sure where to put my hands. I was entirely naked in a garden full of strangers in the middle of winter – it seemed like an embarrassing dream I might have had as a child.

But nobody looked at me. Nobody cared. Everybody else was naked too.

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Sigurd Larsen

When you look at Sigurd Larsen’s portfolio of work you can’t help but feel a little inadequate. Even if you’ve never worked in the design industry, the scope and scale of the Berlin-based Danish architect’s work is undeniably impressive.

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The PMS Myth

We all know the symptoms of PMS; mood swings, complete irrationality and irritability, but the crazy thing about the universally accepted ‘truth’ of PMS is that, according to scientific evidence, for most women it isn't even real. 

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