the taable


Artwork by  the taable

Artwork by the taable

Axel Oswith and Amanda Kusai are the talented young humans behind multidisciplinary creative hub the taable. Their work takes ordinary objects and reimagines them in new and creative ways that emphasise the everyday experiences we often take for granted. Axel and Amanda describe their work as “a visual getaway, open to the vast interpretation of one’s imagination”.

The name the taable is a reference to the literal object, and symbolically represents the exchange of conversations and ideas that often happens when people gather around a table. The double use of the letter ‘a’ references the names of the collaboration’s two halves, as well as their devotion to art and aesthetics.

Amanda is described by Axel as “the best thing since sliced bread”, and Axel by Amanda as “like a double rainbow after the rain”. The pair were both raised and are currently based, in Jakarta, Indonesia. When asked what the influence of their home has had on their work, they respond, “living in Jakarta comes with a little bit [of] chaos and disorder that has taught us to appreciate quiescence”. This appreciation is represented in the clarity and simplicity of the work the taable produces.

the taable's work is defined by its use of ordinary objects. Anything from toilet rolls to slices of lunch meat are playfully reinvented and given new purpose beyond their everyday use. These objects are set against block pastel coloured backgrounds, allowing the work to be both highly contemporary while also bringing to mind an element of 1950s nostalgia. When asked about these signature design elements, Axel and Amanda state that, “colour plays an important part in expressing the visual language of our work, as does placing the spotlight on ordinary things that we might take for granted.”        

When they started their collaboration, Axel and Amanda were looking for a way to connect with  people who believed in what they did, and were willing to put trust in them.  As the taable, they have been able to do just that. “We have met and worked with some wonderful people who have inspired us,” they say.

In terms of success so far, the taable’s work speaks for itself. The creative hub has a large portfolio of art and design work under its belt that is consistently fresh, youthful and innovative. the taable is currently working on an art direction project for jam company Morin, and is also looking to publish their first book by the end of the year. 

When it comes to the future of the taable, these inspiring young creatives have big plans. “Our dream is to extend our medium into producing music videos, art directing in short movies, as well as a solo exhibition in the near future. We’re also always on the lookout to collaborate with great talents to expand and build our team.”

For young creative types like themselves, who are trying to get their work out into the world, Axel and Amanda have some words of wisdom to share: “Persevere, build your network, believe in yourself and always open yourself to new experiences and knowledge.”  

To see more from the taable head over to their instagram: @thetaable