Image by  Contemporaries

Contemporaries. Even the name sounds exclusive and mysterious, sort of like a secret club. Well it is a club of sorts, but it won’t be a secret for long. Contemporaries is a new Sydney based membership group offering exclusive art experiences and money-can’t-buy access to intimate art world events and launches. Sounds neat huh? We think so.

Contemporaries was launched in November by 10 Group, an organisation specialising in art engagement. 

“We wanted to create the opportunity for deeper involvement and access to contemporary art,” says Paul Becker, CEO of 10 Group.

“We wanted to ensure that our members would have unforgettable experiences, be able to actually meet the artists and to connect with like-minded people. I think we’ve developed a program that allows this to happen.”

Their promise is “art experiences for the socially curious” and their calendar of events doesn’t disappoint in this respect. Contemporaries kicked off with a private collection viewing at the home of creative duo Liane Rossler and Sam Marshall on November 19th, and the program has a lot more in store for 2016.

“We offer a year round calendar of tailor-made activities accessing the heart of Australia’s most unforgettable contemporary artists and locations,” says Becker.

“Our events range from private collection viewings right through to whole weekend adventures, it’s all there! Our hope is that members of Contemporaries will be able to connect closely with like-minded thinkers and makers within the contemporary art world.”

Basically, Contemporaries takes you behind the scenes, behind the art installations or artworks hanging in galleries and beyond the words printed on a page and reveals more about the heart of the creators, the makers and the thinkers.  Think studio visits, intimate conversations and screenings with filmmakers, wine tours with writers and private gallery showings just for members.

But probably the most important aspect of Contemporaries is the chance to talk with the creatives themselves. Members have the chance to ask artists what inspires them or to pick the brain of a writer on how to cultivate story ideas or find out what makes a film maker tick.

“We know that sometimes the art world looks hard to break through from the outside,” says Becker, “and we want to change that. All of our events involve the actual people creating art, not just a film to watch or a nice painting to look at. And all of our events are intimate, so every attendee has the chance to talk everyone there.”

“We embrace a relaxed and social approach to enjoying contemporary art, but always in glamorous and unexpected surrounds.”

Relaxed and social Contemporaries is indeed. We predict that Contemporaries will be full within the blink of an eye, so hop to it!

Membership is open to anyone interested in deepening their involvement in contemporary art.

Visit the Contemporaries website here  for more information.