Photography by Ryan Fraser 

Photography by Ryan Fraser 

Formula is a live sculptural installation by Brisbane collaboration G A Z E. The idea for the work arose from a conversation between Brisbane artists Ryan Fraser and Tayla Haggerty about the politics of sameness. We spoke to Tayla this week about how Formula came to be.

“It’s a progression of my work in collaboration with his. I did the structure of the piece and Ryan did the light installations, pairing up which colours went well and he also photographed it.”

Tayla explains that Formula’s idea of sameness explores issues of sexuality, “being gay, whether that involves politics like gay marriage, what makes a relationship or even just heterosexually coded spaces.

“That’s why we use a traditional wooden table; where a family sits down to eat. The mum, the dad, the kids, everyone uses the table. I think it’s something that nobody really thinks about, and so when you dissect it, it’s really interesting.”


Creating the structure for Formula was a “process of physical exploration”. Tayla explains,“it was all hands on with what works, and what doesn’t."

“The table took me weeks to strengthen, it’s reinforced with steel and wooden beams, and the legs are shortened to make it appear that it is higher off the ground.”

G A Z E’s name formula came about as Tayla and Ryan were having a heated conversation about marriage equality. Tayla says, “I think it’s really great that up until this point we’ve never really needed marriage to validate our relationships. Although obviously it would be nice to have the option.

“So we came up with this work out of that conversation, and we thought the name G A Z E would be funny, because it’s gaze, and gays.”


Tayla explains the importance of revolving the piece around an abstract theme,“(there’s no) specific idea behind the piece, other than this abstract idea of sameness, which people can take from it what they want.”

Tayla says that even the way that structurally the models are balancing each other exemplifies “the whole formula of how the sculpture actually works is just a pun on sameness and balance”.

In regards to the future of G A Z E, Tayla says,“we don’t have any plans yet, but we do plan to submit this work into two exhibitions that are coming up.”

You can find more of Tayla’s work at her website

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