Photographs from  Limb the Label

Photographs from Limb the Label

Limb is an emerging fashion label out of Melbourne that is dedicated to slowing down the pace of fashion. Its creators, Sinead Hargreaves and Andria Kiefer, have an extensive and international history in the fashion industry. The result of their collaboration is a beautiful collection of artfully designed clothing suitable for a range of sizes and all seasons.

Their fashion pieces aim to become staples in your wardrobe, which you will be able to wear all year round and for many years to come. This durability can be seen in the timeless shapes of their designs as well as their quality manufacturing. Another component of the collection is the ability to choose between a minimum of two colourway options in all of their designs. Having this kind of choice within a collection allows customers to express themselves however they want.

They also strive to create products that are wearable for all women. Their collection is made up of wrap designs and adjustable closures in an attempt to promote a healthy body shape and personal individuality.

In following with their slow fashion concept, Limb the Label is a locally sourced and manufactured business. They aim to challenge the consumerist, fast fashion concept our society has become so prone to. Their design process is situated entirely in Melbourne and although it can be difficult to navigate the Melbourne fashion and textile industry, they have managed to station their production factory in Abbotsford, their digital fabric printer in Sydenham and their knitting mill in Sunshine.

Their first collection, ‘Abstract Impression’ is inspired by abstract elements combined with barren, natural landscapes. Their colour palette is extremely modern and aesthetically pleasing, inspired by the deserts of California. Their clothes are relaxed at the same time as being sophisticated, and are pieces I for one would love to have as a part of my wardrobe.

They are currently running a Pozible campaign ( which ends on the 20th of September.

Funds from the Pozible campaign will go towards maintaining their local manufacturing process and further developing their relationships and connections with other members of the fashion industry. Many creatives have assisted Limb in getting to where they are today, and they would (of course) love to be able to pay these people.

Limb is a fabulous new addition to the Australian industry and hopefully the success of Limb will encourage emerging designers to create in a sustainable yet prosperous way. In this sense, as consumers, promoting and supporting slow and ethical fashion is vital for establishing the future direction of the fashion industry. I’m very excited to see what direction this label heads in and how they continue to manoeuvre through the promising Australian fashion industry.

Their products can be found on their online store for pre-order ( They also have a number of stockists including Save Yourself Boutique, Pussycat Black, Shop Kinobi and Plane Clothing. Prices are very reasonable considering the time and effort that have gone into making these beautiful fashion items.