mous magazine's semi-sarcastic Christmas gift guide


So it’s that time of year. You’re five days out from Christmas and have bought literally nothing yet because you haven’t nailed adult-ing. The idea of going to a shopping centre or the city is an actual nightmare, so why not save yourself the hassle and come see us at mous magazines and books and we’ll help you adult.  

The secret Santa

The work secret Santa is often the most frustrating person on your Christmas list because, I mean, what do you buy for under $20 for Mary/Dave from the office who you’ve only had five awkward conversations with? Well all your secret Santa woes are sorted with these gifts which are all under $20.

Men in This Town Magazine: $15

You Light Up my Life candles by Amy Crow: $15

The Lifted Brow: $13.95

Artichoke Magazine: $14.95


The foodie mum

We all have one of these in our lives weather it’s your Mum, sister or distant Aunt Hatty, we all know a woman who just loves food. Well this year we have the perfect gift for them, Cherry Bombe is a magazine about celebrating women and food. Team that up with one of our limited edition, 100% linen Christmas tea towels and you’re set!

Cherry Bombe: $49.95

Linen Tea towel: $30


The dapper dad

Dads can be notoriously hard to buy for, but if your Dad is a fantastic man, this year will be easier because, that’s right, we have Fantastic Man magazine in stock. If you want your dad to stop wearing the old souvenir shirt he has worn for the last eight Christmas days, why not get him a fantastic new one from our design range to go with his fantastic new publication. Now that’s fantastic.

Fantastic Man: $26.95

Design t-shirt by Monika Correa: $55



The cousin you always buy alcohol for.

You know this cousin, they are approximately five to nine years older than you and considering they’re your cousin, you know very little about them. But you do know one thing. They love alcohol. So naturally every year you take the easy option and pop into Liquor Land and buy the cheapest bottle of wine that (hopefully) won’t taste like cat’s piss. Well this year you can step it up a notch and buy them Hot Rum Cow, a magazine all about people who make alcohol and people who love alcohol.

Hot Rum Cow: $22.95


The friend/sibling with the travel bug who has been backpacking for so long you don’t actually remember what they look like.

Somewhere deep down you hate this person. Well not so much hate but, like, seething resentment. Why should you get them a present when their life is pretty much the light filled Instagram account of a travel blogger? But in the true spirit of Christmas, you will buy them a present to prove you are the better person. So why not aid their travel habit and buy them Cereal magazine and a design tote bag for all their carry-on luggage needs. Or, you know, don’t.

Cereal Magazine: $42.95

Grace X mous magazine tote: $35

For all the details on how to find this magical place of Christmas shopping click. 

PS. We'll wrap your gifts too.