Douglas & Bec


Douglas and Bec is a design studio and shop based in New Zealand. With a new store in Collingwood, Melbourne and recent international collaborations, the family business looks to be on its way to further success. Their beautifully simple furniture is all handmade by Douglas in their workshop, using as many local materials as possible. Designs can be bought as is or can be custom made for clients.

Father and Daughter duo, Douglas and Bec began in 2006 as a lighting business. Since then they have grown to incorporate a range of other home wares and furniture with the help of Bec’s husband Paul. The pair attributes their success to their ability to think alike. Douglas and Bec’s products are created with a variety of quality materials including oak, copper, brass, linen and leather.

Their aesthetic is incredibly modest; you can feel that each piece has been designed and made with care. Flicking through their online store fills me with a need to throw out every piece of furniture I own and replace it immediately. 

Their store in Collingwood opened in April last year, alongside adjoining fashion store Dagmar Rousset. The space is beautifully lit and laid out like a dream home. Simple wooden tables and benches sit alongside calico covered couches and stools used as benches. The lamps which began the business clearly play a feature role, adding splashes of colour to both the actual and the online store. 

Their new bedroom collection features unique pared back products made for functionality as well as beauty. The wooden bed head in particular is made of solid American ash and resembles a rising sun above the pillows.

Both the online and actual stores also stock a number of other independent crafts people, all specially selected by the family. The goal is to maintain a sense of locality within the business, Bec stating that they don’t have any of their products made or deal with agents.

Their designs are clearly innovative and have been created thoughtfully; Bec believes that “being decent will take you a long way”. She believes that ideas have the ability to grow and progress the more they are thought about. 

With strong local values and simple, functional products, Douglas and Bec have managed to find international success in the furniture industry, in New Zealand, Australia and Hong Kong, with their beautiful designs.

They can be found online here.

Melbourne store: 
30-32 Easey Street, Collingwood
Monday - Friday 10 - 6
Saturday 11 – 4 

Auckland store: 
9 St Mary's Road, Ponsonby
Auckland, New Zealand
Monday - Friday 10 - 5 Saturday 10 - 4