Five Favourites


There is something to be said about the beauty of a printed magazine. From touch to smell, it is very special being able to hold your favourite article or photo story in your hands. To pay our homage to the printed magazine and all its brilliance, we wanted to share five of mous. magazine's favourite publications!

Photography: Idam Adam

1. Mr. Wolf 

Founded by Melbourne’s Laura Phillips, Mr. Wolf  describes itself as “The Journal of Nordic Design”. That was basically all I needed to hear to buy a copy and I’ve been attached ever since. The look, feel and smell of Mr. Wolf are everything you need to immerse yourself in escapism. With features on humble people, places and experiences, Mr. Wolf truly showcases everything there is to love about Nordic countries and culture

2. (Old) Frankie

Before Frankie sold for 10.8 million dollars and its unspoken motto was "check this cute grandma sweater", Frankie was frank. Frank as in direct, open, sharp. Frankie had an honest view on what it was to be a youth; less "a look at creative bartering (featuring flowers and pickles)", and more "My worst crime against the environment" or "What not to do in a sex shop". Frankie Magazine #19 informed me as a creative human, and "10 ways to end it" by Mia Timpano will forever be the funniest article I've ever read. 

3. The Alpine Review

The Alpine Review is all about transition. It takes an in-depth look at how the multidisciplinary world around us is changing from tech to agriculture, design to anthropology. The Alpine Review also contains possibly my favourite article of all time “An Unconventional Investment Property” which tells the story of Rob Gorski, a New-York-based physician and environmentalist, who bought a private island in Lake Superior and turned it in to a creative enclave. 

4. Boat Magazine 

Boat Magazine is a travel publication that aims to, “act as a great big RESET button – changing and updating readers’ perceptions of what the city is actually like”.  And it absolutely nails it. Each issue focuses on a different city, its people and its culture. Aside from the pretty awe inspiring content in Boat Magazine (a look inside the Eames house being one example that comes to mind), the variety of cities featured across the issues so far has been a pretty exciting mixed bag.  So far they've featured LA, Lima, Reykjavik, Kyoto, Athens, London, Detroit and Sarajevo.

5. Delayed Gratification

Delayed Gratification is a slow journalism print magazine that values depth over speed. As such, each issue of the quarterly magazine takes an in-depth look at the major news stories from the past three months. In a society where everybody seems to be seeking instant gratification it seems counter intuitive, but since we are becoming  so inundated with snippets of news and two line tweets, I for one liked the change of pace (and depth) offered by Delayed Gratification.

If you want more visual and literary treats, head over to Kunstler where we discovered pretty much all these publications and many more. Check it out!