Okay Owen


14-year-old Owen Cseh is something of a wonder. Behind the camera he has created a spectacular folio of photographic work, playing with subtle stills, quiet moments and intense visual reality. Documenting the world around him with the tones of something more akin to fully-fledged, age-ripened artist, this Melbourne local is a poet of the lens. We sat down to talk with him about his love of the craft, interior design and the wonders of the New York High Line.

Hi Owen! How are you doing?

Good thank you. I’m back at school after two weeks of holidays and as busy as ever!

You really must be, there’s a lot on your plate at this time of year. What first drew you to the medium of photography?

I bought my first digital camera prior to a family holiday. I hadn’t yet discovered an interest in photography, as I was only 11 at the time. Over the 16 days I carried my camera with me wherever I went, taking ‘snapshots’ of whatever caught my attention. That experience and my penchant for interior and graphic design is what have shaped my enthusiasm in photography.

What truly fuelled and supported your interest in photography? Your images certainly have the maturity of many years’ experience.

I have a keen interest in interior design which was fuelled by the Australian TV show ‘The Block’. That, together with a number of blogs and Instagrammers whose focus was interior and lifestyle blogging has driven my passion for photography.

The clean lines, contemporary aesthetic and curation of visual architecture in your work is something to be proud of. What are your intentions in capturing an image?

My main focus when capturing a photo consists of: lighting and shadows, layout and placement of objects, incorporating natural tones, whilst maintaining a minimalist aesthetic.

And here ensues the juggle. How do you balance school life with your artistic passions?

School comes first, and fortunately incorporates graphics, photography and design as elective subjects. Two or three times a week after school I usually take a few photos, and on weekends I spend a fair bit of my time behind the camera.

Would you plan on taking your downtime somewhere further? Is photography something you would like to pursue in your future career?

Yes, definitely! At this stage of my life I’m leaning towards a career that may incorporate photography, journalism and graphic design. My favourite magazine at the moment is Kinfolk, so working for a magazine similar to that is something I aspire to do.

And now you’ll have to keep up with us, newly branded, freshly launched mous.  magazine! Aside from the flipping interior publications, what are you up to when you're not behind the lens?

Exploring big cities is something that I wish I could do more often. Spending a weekend in a foreign city seeking out unique locations with the aim to capture that ‘perfect shot’ would be my ideal weekend.

And something or someone you would love to one day capture?

On my recent trip to New York I wasn’t able to visit the ‘New York High line’, so hopefully one day I will have the chance to visit again and capture this incredible space.

See more of Owen’s work through his website, or his Instagram.