Kabel Apparel


Fresh out of MSIT and an internship in Florence, Kate Clark has begun her own label, ‘Kabel’. Aimed at the girl who isn’t into frills and sequins, Kabel’s most recent collection is inspired by plants and their interaction with sun light. It also has a touch of dragon fruits because they’re “pretty cool in general”.

Kate’s previous designs have consisted of incredibly eye catching prints of toucans and icicles. The current botanically inspired collection consists of clean cut high neck lines, loosely fitted shorts and stylish panelling. The print reminds me of the Wild West, yet the garments remain incredibly modern.

Despite Brisbane having a fairly small fashion scene, Kabel has emerged with a steady following and has already been featured as a RAW artist. Much of Brisbane’s fashion comes from underground, small labels that rely mainly on local and sustainable production methods. Kate hopes to continue this in her business. All of the designs are designed and manufactured in house. This gives her full control over the production process and the ability to monitor wastage. While she is still growing Kate plans to continue making and designing her own items and is not looking to off shore manufacturing yet.

Local labels produce finer quality clothing and a more unique aesthetic then what is found in large department stores. This will eventually produce greater creativity and a sense of individuality in the industry that has been missing in recent years. Kabel certainly provides a distinct aesthetic with imaginative shapes that can’t be found in other designs.

Small fashion labels are becoming viable options for the future of the industry. Pascal Denis believes that investments in niche labels are being made early on to create the foundations of a brand image and give the business a strong start financially. A recent boom in boutique fashion houses has led to financial loss in megabrands such as Gucci and Louis Vuitton. It seems possible that small fashion labels may finally have their time in the sun.

The struggles of small businesses particularly in the creative sector can often be of significant detriment to beginners. However Kabel looks to have all the right foundations for an extremely successful business.

For the coming warmer months Kate is looking at designing swimwear and creating even further advancement in her print designs. Personally I am incredibly excited to see what she comes up with next.

For further information on Kabel you can email Kate at info@kabelapparel.com

For sales information, sales@kabelapparel.com

Check out the instagram @kabelapparel