Photography by Scarlet Styles 

Photography by Scarlet Styles 

As I hiked my way up a steep suburban slope, all I could think was I am going to look so gross when I arrive. Yet the promise of coffee was strong, so I slung my jacket around my waist and tried to look less heinously unfit. Such was my maiden voyage to The Fox & Rabbit Coffee Co. where I met with owner and all-round lovely person Victoria Wall. 

While my unfortunate journey was the result of some poor public transport decisions and an inherent inability to use maps, this charming cafe isn’t actually all that tricky to reach. Nestled in the leafy backstreets of Paddington, Fox & Rabbit is sitting pretty on Kennedy Terrace, easily identified by the adorable window decal featuring a rad fox and rabbit duo.

For Victoria and her partner David Keegan, fulfilling their dream of opening a cafe had been a long time coming. “We always said there needed to be a coffee shop here” Victoria says, as we chat about the Paddington location. In early 2015, the creative couple spotted their opportunity.

“We’d been looking for two years, we lived just around the corner. One day we drove past and there was a dodgy pizza box in the window which read ‘For Lease’. I said ‘Oh my gosh, we have to ring them,” says Victoria. 

Inside, David and Victoria have brought their whimsical aesthetic to life, dotting the interior with fairytale images, vintage and up-cycled furniture and, quite fittingly, plenty of woodland creatures to spot. Of the decor, Victoria admitted, “We’ve pretty much brought our lounge room here. A lot of these decorations are from home. I figured since I’m spending the day here, it may as well be nice!  

“David’s always wanted a coffee shop called The Fox & Rabbit. He’s a writer and primary school teacher, so he’s always loved all things make-believe, fairytales and talking animals.”

The heart and soul of any cafe is, of course, what they serve. David, a former coffee roaster, has created a unique blend for both their milky and black coffees. While notes of whiskey may be found wafting through a latte, their espresso conjures up a clean, bold taste underpinned by the distinct flavour of currants. Pair this with an updated menu that features all things delicious and homely and you’re set for a feed that doesn’t break the bank.

“We want a place that you can come to at any time. We’re open till 4 o’clock in the afternoon and our food is cheap, big and hearty. It’s a place where everyone can come, no matter the day and no matter the time, and get something to eat!” Victoria explains.

With plans for another location in the works and thoughts of obtaining a liquor license (think of the espresso martinis, people), it is clear that The Fox & Rabbit Coffee Co. are positively buzzing with good ideas.

Do your taste buds a favour and head on down to 139 Kennedy Terrace in Paddington, Brisbane (and if you order the French toast, prepare for a syrup induced food coma that you will never, ever want to wake up from) or find them on Facebook here:. For bonus points, check out David’s charming stories for children on iTunes, under the name David J. Keegan!