All photography from ANTLER AND MOSS

All photography from ANTLER AND MOSS

If you’re a lover of simple yet elegant, earthy design, then look no further than Brisbane’s ANTLER and MOSS. The collection of locally handcrafted ceramics, textiles and timber pieces adhere to a neutral colour palette and are a true celebration of Australian design in both function and form. The creative brain behind the unique brand, Mel Lewis, had a chat with mous about everything ANTLER and MOSS. 

“ANTLER and MOSS came from my intense love for beautifully crafted tableware, especially ceramics,” Mel explains as she sips her coffee. “I have collected ceramics for many years and love that they are functional pieces of art created from earth.” 

ANTLER and MOSS source their artists locally, often taking to Instagram and the Finders Keepers Markets to discover established and up-and-coming artists. However, Mel says she loves it when artists approach her asking to contribute to designs. She explains, “It is such a thrill when an artist says they would love to create works for ANTLER and MOSS.”

While nothing is crafted in house, Mel hints that the idea might not be off the table for the future. She has a deep passion for clay work and she speaks passionately about wishing to incorporate it more into her practise: “Creating something from clay is the most rewarding feeling, although I am not very good at it. It takes patience and loads of practise. Patience is something I am not blessed with unfortunately. Collaborating with artisans is my creative outlet. Taking the essence of what the creative’s works are about and adapting their designs slightly to fit the ANTLER and MOSS aesthetic is loads of fun.”

ANTLER and MOSS will be the latest designers to be involved in a pop-up store at Brisbane’s Showroom. Showroom is a space where artists and designers based online are able to come together to showcase their work. Barely holding in her excitement, Mel describes what it means for ANTLER and MOSS to be able to contribute to this space. “[We are] super excited to be invited into Showroom’s new space on Edward Street. There is nothing better than seeing all of the gorgeous pieces out of their boxes and on display. They are so tactile and each piece has its own unique character and markings due to the handmade process. It is wonderful watching people interact with the works and get drawn to a particular piece.” 

The inspiration for ANTLER and MOSS came from Mel’s own personal experience. She wanted a way to bring her personal style into the world. Starting with designing pieces for her home, her ideas expanded until they came to life in the form of ANTLER and MOSS. She explains, “Our house was such a massive, hands on renovation and has now become my muse for ANTLER and MOSS. If the piece works in our home, then it will work cohesively for the ANTLER and MOSS website.” 

The passion Mel has for ANTLER and MOSS is always present and she laughs as she explains that it has become more of a lifestyle than just a job. It’s this passion that really brings her designs to life, and it comes out best as she talked about her designs. She says, “You will find clean lines and strong black and white pieces, contrasting with timber and earthy hues to create warmth, and loads of pot plants to blur the line between inside and out. I am a minimalist at heart and can feel overwhelmed by too many belongings. The pieces I do invest in for my home are handmade pieces built for longevity. I don’t believe in having a dinner set and napkins that you save for good. Why not celebrate every day and enjoy them now?” 

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