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Spanish designers Jacabo Salvador and Maria Rosenfeldt are unashamedly inspired by all things fake and horrible. With this in mind, it would logically follow suit that their label, Heridadegato, would induce a cringe reminiscent of the viewing of Tony Abbott in budgie-smugglers; tacky and displeasing to the eye. 

Not so with Heridadegato’s Summer/Spring Collection of 2015. Characterised by a neutral colour palette, the collection utilises textured materials such as silk, high necklines and shirts draping to unconventional lengths. This creates a minimalist feel that completely bypasses any hint of boredom. 

We caught up with Jacabo and Maria to discuss everything from underground Spanish bands to the joys of wasting time obsessively watching TV series’. Oh, and their new collection, of course. *ahem* 

Brought together by a mutual love of the seemingly clichéd things in life, the birth of Heridadegato seemed inevitable for Maria and Jacabo.

‘From the first time we met each other we were sure this was going to happen,’ Maria says. 

It all sounds rather fate-driven and romantic until she elucidates ‘The name Heridadegato was a joke! It’s a song from a really underground Spanish band called Iomönaco, meaning the wound of a cat’. 

Wound of a cat. Not exactly poetic, but this glorious nugget of information highlights just how un-clichéd the duo actually are. It also points at how much unconventional fun they have designing clothes together. 

Astoundingly, Maria asserts that there was absolutely no hint of tension between herself and Jacabo during the design process; a feat in itself, considering the two individually-accomplished creatives are, in fact, human.

‘We know each other perfectly so it’s very easy to agree and to know what each other is going to like,’ Maria says. 

Designing their latest collection around two words, comfort and relaxation, the Summer/Spring 2015 collection would ideally be worn lazing around on summer holidays. However, the collection is easily classy enough to wear to work; who said the daily grind had to be uncomfortable and stressful? 

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‘We were inspired by all these fake Zen and relaxing items that we saw in shops, like bamboo and Zen gardens, in a very horrible and fake way,’ Maria says. A quick flick through the collection look book will reveal a definite cheeky side to this take on the otherwise deeply spiritual and reflective qualities of relaxation and ‘Zen’. 

Speaking of relaxation, despite their work ethic, both Maria and Jacabo admit that they’re most certainly not opposed to spending a whole day cooking, eating and obsessively watching TV series’. Other interests include reading up on philosophy and politics, so we can conclude that the duo are cultured and not total slobs like the rest of us. This is reflected in their designs, which, along with the ‘Zen’ quality, also have an oriental slant reflected in v-shaped necklines and harem-style trousers. 

With the future looking bright for the Spanish label, they have set their sights on Australia and New Zealand. But, as they say, if you enjoy what you do, it’s not really working. Maria says “the biggest highlight is living from what you enjoy doing’.